School Programs

The Mission Museum offers several educational programs suitable for elementary school-age students, run by our trained museum volunteers. These programs are designed for students in grades two through five and are designed to meet the Ministry of Education’s Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Social Studies. Visiting the Museum is a fun and educational way to immerse your class in the history of their own community and engage their desire to learn through hands-on activities, stories and games.

Cost: $50-$75 per group; 25 students maximum
Location: Mission Museum, 33201 2nd Ave. Mission, BC V2V 1J9
Length: Full programs run for 1 hours. Short Programs run for 30 minutes.
Times: School programs are available Thursdays and Fridays.

Full Programs:

Cost: $75     Length: 1 hour

Exploration: Rivers and Railways

The Exploration and Discovery Program focuses on the exploration and discovery of the Fraser River, and how the Fraser River and the railways of the Fraser Valley have shaped the development of the Fraser Valley. Through activities and discussion, the students will leave the museum with a greater understanding of the importance of the Fraser River and of its place in our lives.

Topics explored: How the physical environment influences human activities; early settlers; early European exploration of British Columbia and the Fraser Valley; comparing bartering and monetary systems of exchange and the development of transportation.

Then and Now: Schools and Technology

In this program students will be able to examine different artifacts as they appeared in the past. Through discussing these artifacts and by handling select artifacts themselves, the students will be able to make comparisons between the past and present. As well, the students will be able to learn about the evolution of the community school and how it would have been to be a student in Mission a hundred years ago.

Topics explored: The effects of technology on the individual, community and school.

Multicultural Mission

Students will engage in a discussion of what defines a community, and how different individuals and cultures have contributed to Mission. With a focus on the Japanese and Chinese populations in Mission, students will discover the cultures and traditions of Mission settlers through games and activities.

Topics explored: The cultural characteristics of Canadian society and the different cultural contributions of individuals; the changes of community over time; and why immigrants decided to settle in Canada.

Short Programs:

Cost: $50     Length: 30 minutes

Sketch and Hunt

In this popular program, students embark on a hunt through the museum to locate selected artifacts and sketch their observations. Students will become familiar with the museum and the importance of its objects. This program is adaptable for different age groups.

For more information, or to book by phone, please contact 604-826-1011, or email us.