Sponsor an Artifact

Have you donated an artifact to the Mission Museum?

Would you like to know when it’s on display?

Now you can with our ‘Sponsor an Artifact’ program!

At the Mission Museum we care for over 10,000 artifacts, many of which need specialist supplies including museum-grade conservation boxes, environmental monitoring equipment, and a lot of TLC. Unfortunately, these supplies are extremely expensive and we’re a small operation with a small budget.

But with your help, we can close the gap.

Setting up a monthly donation, as little as $10 per month, enables us to purchase specialized equipment and materials that will protect our community’s artifacts both on display and in storage.

And in return for your generosity…

Sponsors who contribute at least $10 per month (or $100 annually) will receive:

  • Perks Pending! Stay tuned to find out more about this program.